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Frequently asked questions

Quick answers to some of the most common questions about aged care

If an older person chooses to leave the residential aged care home where they have been receiving care, and return to their own home, are they able to receive in-home care and services?

The older person has a fundamental right to leave an aged care home at any time, unless there is a legal guardian appointed with an accommodation order which requires them to remain in a residential aged care home. If the person is independent, they should apply for a Home Care Package to be in place for them to return safely to their home.

If there are only basic home support services available, and the person has been assessed as needing high care, what other services can be accessed by the older person?

The Commonwealth Government allocates a certain number of Home Care Packages and aged care services each year, depending on need. The person receiving aged care services must apply for and then wait for a higher level of care to become available. In the meantime they can arrange services privately to provide the care and services they need.

Can an older person receiving a Home Care Package change to another service provider if they are not satisfied?

Yes they can.

Can the person take the remaining Package funds with them to the new service provider?

Yes, they can roll over the unused funds when they leave a service provider. Check any agreement for possible exit fees.

Can a person receiving a Home Care Package access community transport as part of their package?

Yes, however if they use the Home Care Package they are required to pay the full cost as transport for Home Care Packages is not subsidised by the government. Home Care Package recipients are not eligible for subsided community transport.

Commonwealth Home Support Program clients receive community transport as part of their services if they choose, and it is subsidised by the government.

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