Campaign: Stop Financial Elder Abuse

Russell Westacott, Seniors Rights Service CEO joined the Australia Banking Association to address how financial abuse is having devastating repercussions for Australian seniors. Describing the issue as ‘Inheritance Impatience’ Australian Baking Association, Chief Executive, Anna Bligh spoke about how it is one of the most prevalent forms of elder abuse and how family members are often the perpetrators.

SRS, CEO spoke about the financial abuse of seniors and older women and shared his expertise of the national issue. Seniors Rights Service continues to work towards spreading awareness of what he defined to be ‘unacceptable’. Sharing his knowledge and understanding of such common but often underrepresented abuse, Mr Westacott met with members of the community before speaking to the press about what changed need to be made.

The actions taken by the ABA is a step in the right direction in the fight towards ending the abuse of seniors. Teaming up with Bauer Media, the ABA is helping spread the message, start the conversation and work towards ending abuse. Seniors Rights Service will continue to work to educate seniors on their rights and provide free support to NSW residents. The partnership which has been forged between SRS and the ABA allows for more conversations to be had and adds another level of industry professionals who are committed to creating positive change.

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