Regional Video Project Tour continues

Over the past months, Seniors Rights Service commissioned a regional worker to utilise the video resource kits developed at the 5th National Elder Abuse Conference to raise awareness of elder abuse issues in regional, rural and remote areas.

Maree Montgomery has recently concluded her whirlwind tour of regional NSW to very positive feedback. As a result, she has been invited to speak at the 15th National Rural Conference in Hobart. At the Conference, she impart her knowledge gained from this project to speak about methods to improve health outcomes in rural and remote Australia.

Proudly managed by the National Rural Health Alliance, the Conference has a well-earned reputation as Australia’s premier rural health event. Not just for health professionals, the Conference recognises the critical roles that education, regional development and infrastructure play in determining health outcomes, and we welcome people working across a wide variety of industries. More information about the Conference can be found here (link).

Maree’s presentation will explore testimonials from her tour, some of which have asserted how happy they are that someone is finally taking elder abuse seriously. Rural communities can be lost in the shuffle when discussing these issues, and feedback has shown gratitude for “finally bringing these conversations” to these locations.

“The conference is a great platform to keep the downloads happening and the conversation momentum going,” Maree says.

Despite the tour being at an end, Maree is still in discussions to organise potential follow up sessions. Media coverage is also still present, with 2WCR (Warrumbungle Community Radio) playing excerpts to encourage community discussion.

“Communities have asked for more sessions, or for an Advocate to come and visit to discuss Seniors Rights Services’ role and how they can help,” Maree said.