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Brochures and fact sheets

View and download information from Seniors Rights Service and trusted sources.

Seniors Rights Service brochures

General information

Multilingual information

Strata Legal Services

Rights for Elders

LGBTIQ+ Communities

General Information – Chinese language

Retirement Village Living

Home care Check-in

Home care Check-in

Someone you can call

Boarding House Legal Help

Seniors Rights Service fact sheets

Charter of Aged Care Rights

Some Useful Contacts

Retirement villages

Retirement villages vs. aged care homes

What is aged care advocacy?

Respite care in aged care homes

Authorised Leave

Making a complaint

Use of restraint in aged care

A resident’s right to move

From Legal aid

Helping your family financially

Who will decide for you?

Moving in with Family?

Why make a will?

Adult children living at home

Are you experiencing violence or abuse?

Are you a grandparent?

Staying in your home when your partner dies

Your home and the age pension

Changing your accommodation arrangements

From Fair trading

Moving into a Retirement Village

Seniors Guide

Closure of Retirement Villages

Strata Retirement Villages


Charter of Aged Care Rights

NSW Carers Charter

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