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Legal information

Law Access NSW

Provides free telephone legal information, advice and referrals to other services, including to your nearest Legal Aid NSW office, community legal centre, private lawyers and other organisations that can help.
1300 888 529

Legal Aid NSW

Provides legal aid and other legal services to disadvantaged people. Assists socially and economically disadvantaged people to understand and protect their rights. There are 21 Legal Aid Offices in NSW.
1300 888 529

State Library of NSW

Community Legal Centres NSW

Peak body representing community legal centres across NSW. Easy to find your nearest community legal centre.

Complaints and advocacy

Ageing and Disability Commissioner & Helpline

1800 628 221

Anti-Discrimination Board of NSW

1800 670 812

Energy and Water Ombudsman

Free, fair and independent dispute resolution for electricity and gas customers in NSW as well as some water customers.
1800 246 545

Information and Privacy Commission NSW

If you have a specific enquiry or need assistance with a privacy issue, please call
1800 472 679

Good Service Mob

A collaboration of Indigenous and non-Indigenous staff working for 
complaint-handling agencies, who help consumers in NSW.
(02) 9268 5541

Human Rights & Equal Opportunity Commission

1300 369 711

NSW Health Care Complaints Commission

1800 043 159

Tenants’ Union of NSW

Assists tenants of private rental housing, social housing and residential parks, as well as boarders and lodgers.
(02) 8117 3750

National Social Security Rights Network

Peak body for community legal centres working in the area of social security law, policy and administration.
0448 007 201

Elder Abuse Helpline

1800 353 374

Aged care information

FACS: Disability and Inclusion

(02) 8270 2000

Home Modifications

Resources to support frail aged people and people with a 
disability and their carers so they may live more independently.

Partners in Culturally Appropriate Care (PICAC)

(03) 8823 7979

10 Questions to Ask

10 Questions is a series of leaflets written by nurses, doctors and experts with experience in aged care.

Diversity in aged care

Regardless of background, life experience, culture, or sexuality, it’s important that aged care is appropriate, accessible, and sensitive to the diverse individual needs of older Australians.
1800 020 103

My Aged Care

Comprehensive, user-friendly, up-to-date information about Australia’s aged care system and services.
1800 200 422

A quality vision for aged care

This booklet outlines the Aged Care Sector Committee’s quality vision for aged care. This vision helps aged care service providers to deliver services that enhance the quality of life and quality of care for senior Australians.

Health and dementia

Continence Helpline

Free, confidential advice and information from continence consultants.
1800 33 00 66

Dementia Australia NSW

National Dementia Helpline
1800 100 500

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