Launch of COMPASS

Attorney-General Christian Porter has officially launched COMPASS, the new national knowledge hub and online resource dedicated to providing information on issues of elder abuse.

As a founding member of Elder Abuse Action Australia, Seniors Rights Service is proud to fund the development of COMPASS in partnership with the Australian Government.

Launched on 29th November 2019, COMPASS provides access to a broad range of resources to help Australians better understand and address issues of elderly abuse.

The knowledge hub was one of the key priorities outlined by the Attorney-General as part of the National Plan to Respond to the Abuse of Older Australians. (Elder Abuse) 2019-2023. Its launch represents a major step for the government in meeting its commitment to improving the experiences of elder Australians through raising awareness of elder abuse in the community.

“People experiencing or witnessing elder abuse will have this resource to give them details of support services in their area and provide important information on actions they can take themselves to reduce the risk of exposure to abuse,” said the Attorney-General.

Russell Westacott, Seniors Rights Service CEO, says that the site will be a focal point for community and professionals alike as it continues to be updated and built upon in the years ahead.