National Reconciliation Week

Our advocates were invited to Yarning circles in Wollongong and the Blue Mountains and had the opportunity to listen to Elders’ stories. We were also able to speak with the Elders of these communities about their rights. This included having open conversations about, and clarifying the differences with, the new Charter of Aged Care Rights. Other discussion issues included financial and emotional abuse. Through events such as these, community members have had the chance to ask questions of advocates, first hand. Seniors Rights Service has been able to learn from these experiences, gaining a better understanding of our country’s history and the impact it has had on the present. We are excited to be able to attend another Yarning circle in Katoomba on the 19th of June.

National Reconciliation WeekPoster was 27 May – 3 June. This year’s theme ‘Grounded In Truth, Walk Together With Courage’ called for open and honest conversation about our past and present.