Our Aims and Objectives

From our constitution:

(3)      The principal purpose for which the association is established is to provide relief and services to the needs of older people in New South Wales who are vulnerable, socially or economically disadvantaged, exploited or abused.

(4)      Solely for the purpose of furthering the principal purpose, the activities the association may undertake are:

(a)      to provide pro bono legal advice, assistance, referral and education to older people who are vulnerable, socially or economically disadvantaged, exploited or abused;

(b)      to provide pro bono and confidential support and education to older people who are recipients of care and to promote the rights of older people to aged care service providers;

(c)       to promote, advocate for and defend the rights of older people in general and to promote, foster and pursue a community where older people are treated with dignity and respect and do not experience discrimination;

(d)      to raise money to further the principal purpose and to secure sufficient funds for the principal purpose;

(e)      to receive any funds and to distribute these funds in a manner that best attains the principal purpose; and

(f)       such other incidental or ancillary activities it considers supportive of the principal purpose.

(5)      The principal purpose is charitable.

(6)          The association is to be established, operated and have a physical presence in New South Wales and, to that extent, incur its expenditure and pursue its principal purpose in New South Wales.

(7)      Subject to rules 1(8) and 1(9):

(a)        the income and property of the association must be applied solely towards the principal purpose; and

(b)       no portion of the profits, income or property of the association may be paid or transferred directly or indirectly to members by way of dividend, bonus or otherwise.

(8)      Payment may be made in good faith to any firm of which a member is a partner, or to a company of which a member is a director:

(a)      in return for any services actually rendered to the association; or

(b)      for goods supplied in the ordinary and usual way of business.

(13)    A member has no liability as a member except as set out in this rule 1(13) and rule 9.

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