Piano Forte

Recently, Diana Bernard, Education Manager, conducted ‘Piano Forte’ sessions in Homebush, Castle Hill and Woollahra. Participants expressed their sense of empowerment through their new found understanding of aged care and how they can prepare themselves for the future.

‘Piano Forte’ Sessions are one of the many education services that Seniors Rights Service run within communities. These events are held in both urban and regional centers and provide an opportunity for the public to better understand the aged care system and individual rights. ‘Piano Forte’ is a film about a number of issues – financial abuse, emotional abuse, capacity and family strains which can occur when navigating aged care. The film gives voice to the rights of seniors.

After the screening participants have the opportunity to speak to our advocates and a local support person from their community. This gives people a chance to clarify any issues or ask for assistance on how to improve their personal situations.