Pro Bono

Hosting three clinics a fortnight, Seniors Rights Service has developed our pro bono clinic by expanding relations with five law firms. These firms include Dentons, Baker McKenzie, Hall & Wilcox, Holding Redlich and Wotton & Kearney, and aim to help seniors over the phone. The pro bono team aims assist clients with legal issues by listening to their story and outlining the policies and procedures which can assist them.

These lines are active on Wednesdays and Thursdays and increase the level of support available to our clients. Whether it be for property, consumer, employment issues, or a range of other legal concerns, the pro bono clinic provides professional guidance for those in need of legal advice for those who would otherwise not be able to gain the help needed for their legal matter.

The pro bono clinic allows for SRS to expand its relations with these top law firms. This creates relationships and the opportunity for these firms to pick up clients who may need representation in court, furthering the ability of SRS to give those who are less fortunate and in need of help an opportunity to have a fighting chance in their case. We thank our partner firms and solicitors who work alongside us to end the abuse of seniors and assist those who are in need. We will continuously work to develop avenues to provide the much needed assistance and services that reflecting the need for NSW seniors.