Reconciliation Action Plan

Reconciliation Action Plan

Seniors Rights Service is proud to announce the launch of the Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP). Through linking, listening and working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and people we are proud to have developed and continue to work on our RAP. The organisation and in particular a small sub-committee of the company was guided by former board member Maureen Walsh to create this living document. 

We formally launched the document on November 7 with Keynote speaker Hon Linda Burney MP as well as Dr Elizabeth McEntyre our Aboriginal consultant and Maureen Walsh. Chaired by CEO Russell Westacott this event was held in our metro office and was available as a live webcast across the state. 

We received a welcome to country from Craig Madden and then three addresses from very inspiring Aboriginal women. The Hon. Linda Burney MP stated “You [Seniors Rights Service] are so important to the most important people in our community … it’s our Elders, it’s our senior people that are so crucial to not only where we are now, but reminding us that you are a sum of the past and that if we, in this country, forget our past then we are really doing a disservice to so many people.”

Listening to each speakers individual perspective and expertise it reinforced the important nature of creating a plan to help support our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community members and in particular seniors. We will continue to work towards developing our services to cater to NSW seniors and better support our community. Thank you to the communities, speakers, guests and staff who contributed to the launch.

We are proud to have taken this definitive step on the Reconciliation journey.