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EDUCATION: Talking Elder Abuse with NSW Police


Apr 19


Seniors Rights Service has been working tirelessly to expand their community connections to develop awareness of how to tackle elder abuse. A recent collaboration has been with the Mascot Police Command which saw over 60 Vulnerable Communities Liaison Officers gathering for an engaging presentation on elder abuse issues.


This talk, given by Education Manager Diana Bernard, explained what elder abuse is and what Seniors Rights Service is doing to both diminish and prevent instances occurring. Additionally, Diana explored ways in which Seniors Rights Service processes could fit in with police protocols when addressing abuse, and what resources could be shared between organisations to develop an effective approach.


“Each Command has a Liaison Officer, so it’s important that they are aware of elder abuse issues,” Diana said.


“Older people can be some of the most vulnerable in the community, so it’s essential that these officers have the proper knowledge for when they are confronted with an older person who may be experiencing abuse.”


Seniors Rights Service is looking forward to collaborating further with the NSW Police Force. In particular, future sessions are being planned which will see Seniors Rights Service solicitors educating officers about police powers in relation to elder abuse.


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