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FOCUS: Strata Tour


Nov 18


Did you know that free and confidential legal advice and advocacy is available to all seniors living in strata arrangements?


As you know, Seniors Rights Service provides free, confidential advocacy, advice, education and legal services to older people in New South Wales.


And our solicitors are currently (in October and November) travelling throughout NSW on the Strata Living Tour, providing free information sessions at local libraries for older strata residents.


The sessions cover a range of strata arrangements and common issues such as renewals, repairs and dispute resolution.


One major area of concern raised at sessions so far, says Seniors Rights Service solicitor, Mitchell Harvey, is that residents feel hesitant to purchase strata dwellings, due to their unfamiliarity with the relevant legislation.


Despite having reservations, after attending the strata information session, attendees leave feeling reassured that free and confidential legal advice about strata living is available from Seniors Rights Service.


Seniors Rights Service also advised a client living in a strata scheme about the regulations and process required for a collective sale of the property. It was explained that if more than 25% of the lot owners voted against a proposed sale, it would not proceed.


The lawyers from Seniors Rights Service provide free and confidential legal advice on all aspects of strata law.


For more information, or to find your local session, visit the Seniors Rights Service website.


This is information only, not legal advice. If you would like to book a strata information session for a group, or receive free legal advice on any aspect of strata living, call Seniors Rights Service on (02) 9281 3600 or 1800 424 079 or send an email to [email protected]