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Our vision, purpose and principles

Our vision

A society that respects and upholds the rights of older people.

Our purpose

The purpose of Seniors Rights Service is to raise awareness and empower older people to activate, uphold, extend and defend their individual rights. We foster communities to respect and value seniors and their rights. We achieve our purpose by providing legal services, aged care advocacy and community education.

Our service principles

In all of its endeavours Seniors Rights Service will:

  • empower older people as rights holders and active contributors to society
  • provide high quality, appropriate and timely services
  • provide equitable access to services for seniors regardless of race, colour, national or ethnic origin, gender, marital status, disability, religion, political beliefs, sexual preference or any other characteristic
  • support capacity development of staff to ensure they can deliver high quality services
  • collaborate with other organisations in pursuit of common goals
  • work with broader civil society to foster respect for older members of society and their individual rights

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