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Boarding house legal advice

Seniors Rights Service supported accommodation solicitors provide legal advice on boarding house issues to current, former and prospective residents of boarding houses in NSW.

Do you need legal help?

Do you live in a Boarding House?
A boarding house is a shared premises that provides beds for a payment (money or work) usually shared by 5 or more residents.

Did you know?

  • Your house must be provided to you clean, secure and in reasonable repair.
  • Your occupancy fee must not be increased without 4 weeks written notice.
  • You cannot be evicted without reasonable written notice.
  • You cannot be asked to pay a security deposit of more than 2 weeks of your occupancy fee.
  • Your security deposit should be returned within 2 weeks after you move out.
  • You cannot be asked to pay a penalty or fine for any breaches of the occupancy agreement or house rules.
  • You must receive a receipt for any money paid by you.

If you are an older person and would like FREE legal advice on your rights as a boarding house resident or any other legal issue, please call our friendly team on 1800 424 079.

Our solicitors may also visit a club, library or other local organisation on request to conduct sessions to educate residents and prospective residents about the legal aspects of boarding house living. We can customise the session to address a particular issue if required.

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Seniors Rights Service is currently developing the Boarding House Project to increase engagement with older people living in boarding houses by providing advice, representation and advocacy services.

The project conducts research and engages with relevant stakeholders to determine the issues being faced by older people living in boarding houses across NSW.

If you know of any locations or organisations that may benefit from The Boarding House Project please call us on 02 9281 3600 or 1800 424 079 and press 2 for the Legal Team or email us:

Learn more about the project

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