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Information for referrers

Seniors Rights Service provides free, independent and confidential legal advice, aged care advocacy and information to seniors across New South Wales and is a fully accredited community legal centre.

You can refer clients to our service by asking them to call 02 9281 3600.

Who can we help?

Legal Services

Seniors Rights Service solicitors can provide free legal advice and other assistance to people aged over 65 or First Nations people aged over 50 in NSW.

Legal services are not means tested, however representation services are limited to clients who are experiencing financial disadvantage and other barriers to justice.

Our solicitors can help with a broad range of topics including general legal advice relating to:

  • credit and debt
  • discrimination
  • employment
  • family law (not including property settlement)
  • fines and motor vehicle accidents
  • issues with neighbours
  • guardianship and later life planning
  • residential tenancy and land lease communities
  • victim/survivors of violence
  • victims compensation, National Redress and Stolen Generations Reparations

We can also help in specialised areas including:

  • retirement village legal advice
  • residential age care legal advice
  • strata legal advice
  • documents for the future, such as a Power of Attorney, Guardianship and Advance Health Care Directives

Our solicitors are unable to advise on the following matters. We can refer people to another organisation than may be able to assist.

  • personal injury or workers compensation matters
  • commercial matters or business disputes
  • immigration matters
  • conveyancing
  • solicitors guarantees
  • major criminal charges against your client

Aged Care Advocacy

Seniors Rights Service is the leading provider of aged care advocacy services across NSW.

Advocacy services are available for all residents of NSW who are currently accessing aged care services, seeking to access aged care services or someone who is assisting an older person with these matters.

Aged Care Advocates ensure that people are treated fairly during every stage of their Aged Care journey and can help with the following areas:

  • answering questions about rights and responsibilities regarding Aged Care
  • helping to resolve problems or complaints with aged care providers by listening to concerns and providing options to assist with dealing with those concerns
  • speaking directly to service providers on behalf of clients if required
  • where appropriate support clients at meetings with service providers

Our advocates assist people who are finding it difficult to independently navigate Aged Care by:

  • explaining the different services available
  • providing callers with information on how to access services
  • assisting callers to start the process
  • explaining the documentation that is involved
  • assisting callers with communication with My Aged Care

How do I make a referral?

You can refer clients to us by sharing our phone number 02 9281 3600. If clients require a toll-free number, they can also call 1800 424 079. Clients can also submit their details through our online contact form.

Our intake process is phone based. A specialist intake officer will speak to the client when they call or will arrange for a relevant specialist to call them back. If your enquiry is about Aged Care Advocacy callers will be able to speak directly to an aged care advocate where possible.

Referring non-English-speaking clients

Clients needing to access our services in languages other than English can use the Translating and Interpreting Service by calling 13 14 50. Once matched with an interpreter, clients will need to ask to speak to Seniors Rights Service and provide the operator with our phone number, 02 9281 3600.

Referring d/Deaf clients

Clients who are d/Deaf or who otherwise find it hard to hear or speak on the phone can access our services via the National Relay Service. Clients will need to register for the NRS if they haven’t already done so, and then they can use the NRS web chat, NRS mobile app or their TTY device to make contact with Seniors Rights Service. Your client will need to ask the relay operator to call Seniors Rights Service on 02 9281 3600.

Are costs involved for clients or referrers?

There are no costs involved for clients or referrers when accessing Seniors Rights Service, our services are free and confidential.

More information for referrers

If you’d like any further information about making a referral to Seniors Rights Service, please email us at

You can also stay connected to news and information from Seniors Rights Service by following us on our socials or subscribing to our email newsletter using the form at the bottom of this page.

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