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What happens when I call?

We’ll connect you with a specialist for free, confidential and personalised advice.

When you call Seniors Rights Service with a legal question, an intake officer will speak with you and get details of your enquiry. We will also ask for your name, address, contact phone number and date of birth.

Our service is for NSW residents aged 65 or over, NSW retirement village residents or prospective residents of any age, and NSW Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people aged 55 or over.

Then, depending on the subject matter of your question, one of our generalist, retirement village or strata solicitors will call you back.

The solicitor you speak to may request that you send in documents so that the advice can be accurately tailored to your particular circumstances. After we receive the documents requested, a solicitor will call you back with personalised advice.

If you hold an Enduring Power of Attorney or have been appointed as Financial Manager of an older person who is eligible for our service, Seniors Rights Service may be able to advise you on issues affecting the older person. Whether we can do this or not will depend on the nature of the issue, and we will ask you to forward a copy of the Enduring Power of Attorney or Financial Management Order before we can advise.

If you do not hold an Enduring Power of Attorney or Financial Management Order, but are concerned for the welfare of an older person, especially if you suspect that they are being financially exploited by the person who holds their Enduring Power of Attorney or is their Financial Manager, then we can give you information about how best to help the older person.

Contact Seniors Rights Legal Service to discuss your issue  02 9281 3600

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