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Who makes Aged Care fair?

By 08/08/2023August 14th, 2023No Comments

Who makes Aged Care fair? Our advocates do.

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The second stage of our ‘Someone You Can Call’ campaign has launched, focussing on how our advocates help to make Aged Care fair and putting a friendly face to our local services.

The campaign is highly localised, running across regional newspapers, Facebook, Instagram, Google, Linkedin and online. Its purpose is to introduce our local advocates and inform seniors, loved ones, friends and their carers of our advocacy services.

The campaign encourages anyone who has concerns about their aged care, or the aged care of a loved one to contact Seniors Rights Service.

For free, independent and confidential advice, call our caring team on 02 9281 3600

Who helps make Aged Care fair? Our advocates do.

Our Aged Care Advocates are located across NSW in cities and regional areas. If you run into challenges when receiving or applying for Aged Care, we are here to help.

Feeling overwhelmed by the application process? An advocate can get you back on track.

Confused about a document, website or form? An advocate can answer your questions.

Concerned that something’s not right with your current Aged Care service? Advocates can give advice and can even speak to your Aged Care provider on your behalf if you want.

Aged Care Advocates are on your side during your Aged Care journey, providing support and making sure you’re being treated fairly. Best of all, the help they provide is 100% confidential and free.

If you need help getting the very best from your Aged Care services then give the experienced, committed and caring advocates at Seniors Rights Service a free call today on 02 9281 3600

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