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The Boarding House Project

By 07/12/2023February 22nd, 2024No Comments

Seniors Rights Service has recently undertaken a research project; The Boarding House Project, to investigate and address the issues currently being faced by older people living in boarding houses across New South Wales.

With the limited statutory protections that exist for boarding house residents, it is imperative that this particularly vulnerable group of people are aware of their rights and responsibilities. Through the Boarding House Project, we aim to collaborate with other local stakeholders to engage with more boarding house residents to provide community legal education resources and seminars. Additionally, as we reach more boarding house residents, we aim to deliver free and confidential personalised legal advice, casework and advocacy services.

We are looking to partner with local services to reach out to older people living in boarding houses across New South Wales to identify the issues they are facing and to assist them in overcoming such issues. If you would like the Seniors Rights Service Boarding House Project to visit a local service near you, please call us on 02 9281 3600 or 1800 424 079 and press 2 for the Legal Team or email us:

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